Management & Staffing

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Delaware North Executive Team

Delaware North’s executive management team will be instrumental to the success of the hospitality program at the Denver Broncos’ Stadium at Mile High. This dedicated team of seasoned executives and operators will bring industry-leading experience and support to ensure a seamless start to our operation and throughout our partnership.

Maureen Sweeny

Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer
<h4>Maureen Sweeny</h4><h5>Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer</h5>

Carlos Bernal

<h4>Carlos Bernal</h4><h5>President</h5>

Robert Thormeier

Vice President Operations
<h4>Robert Thormeier</h4><h5>Vice President Operations</h5>

Jill Kelly

Vice President Human Resources
<h4>Jill Kelly</h4><h5>Vice President Human Resources</h5>

Nick Liberto

Vice President Finance
<h4>Nick Liberto</h4><h5>Vice President Finance</h5>

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General Manager Candidates

Delaware North Sportservice’s general manager is our most important person at the facility, and the success of our operation is tied directly to the experience and knowledge of this senior management position.

We empower our general managers, providing all the resources – both human and capital – to effectively manage our food and beverage operations. The experience and expertise of our general managers is best illustrated by the tenure they have across our inventory of venues. We are proud that the average tenure of a Delaware North general manager is seven years at their current property and more than 10 years with our company. This longevity is due in large part to the support resources we provide and entrepreneurial spirit we encourage.

Chris Angne

General Manager Candidate
<h4>Chris Angne</h4><h5>General Manager Candidate</h5>

Mike Geczi

General Manager Candidate
<h4>Mike Geczi</h4><h5>General Manager Candidate</h5>

Andrew Worden

General Manager Candidate
<h4>Andrew Worden</h4><h5>General Manager Candidate</h5>

Staffing Structure Methodology

Delaware North is prepared to have a complete staff of qualified and experienced managers, supervisors and associates in place to successfully operate our food service at Broncos Stadium at Mile High.

We use proven guidelines when we build our staffing model, such as venue size and complexity of concepts. We also take into consideration projected attendance, ingress and egress, location of food and beverage facilities, type of event and number of points of sale. We then look at our other facilities to ensure the model is in alignment with a comparable venue. While we have baseline staffing parameters, we don’t take a cookie cutter approach. We look at each venue on a case-by-case basis, making sure we align to any unique requirement to the operation. And most importantly as your partner, we will work side-by-side with your team to make informed decisions in operation staffing and financial execution.

Organizational Chart


Union Experience

Delaware North and its operating subsidiaries have a long and positive relationship with organized labor.  Currently, Delaware North employees are represented around the United States by more than 20 international unions through 75 labor agreements. UNITEHERE represents the majority of organized Delaware North employees, including a master national agreement covering its airport concessions and retail nationwide where labor peace and card check neutrality exist. Delaware North Sportservice has over 25 labor agreements in various stadiums, arenas and convention centers nationwide.

Delaware North has never experienced a job action or strike.

Job Descriptions

Please click the orange job descriptions box below for the management and staffing positions requested in the RFP. They detail the type and breadth of professional experience and skills that will be required for your operation. Delaware North has a long history of recruiting and hiring in many complicated markets and will use proven initiatives to attract, hire and retain qualified and experienced candidates for the Denver Broncos Stadium at Mile High.


Transition Plan

Experience has taught us that there are two essential ingredients for a successful opening:

  • A talented and experienced team of dedicated professionals
  • A detailed action plan that is strategic and tactical

The Delaware North transition plan will be executed by a core team of experts, including operations and technology executives, line managers and support staff from our locations across the country and corporate headquarters. The team will progressively grow from executive members in the early stages to a full complement of managers with skill sets in every level of operation – adding a layer of “redundancy” to our on-site team. In addition to the support from division personnel, the operation will also receive the support of Delaware North’s corporate departments. This team consists of specialized experts in human resources, financial reporting and analysis, information technology, purchasing, and supply management.

Additionally, Delaware North’s in-market operations will provide a solid foundation of resources for our mobilization efforts. Our Denver International Airport and the Ridgeline Hotel Estes Park businesses employ a vast number of trained associates and managers that are prepared to support the transition.

Our goal is to create and implement a plan so well executed that it will not only ensure a smooth opening of the operations but also generate excitement and a sense of place for your fans. This plan ultimately sets the stage for a long-lasting partnership, and is flexible enough to adapt to any unplanned situations that may arise.

Within the past few years, we have successfully opened or transitioned the food and beverage operations at various sports facilities around the country. In each case, we used a comprehensive 500-point checklist that includes all departments, each responsible for hundreds of tasks – some as routine as printing nametags, to some as complex as setting up state and local liquor sales tax and business licenses.

Transition Steering Team

Carlos Bernal

President, Delaware North Sportservice

Nick Liberto

Vice President of Finance, Delaware North Sportservice

Jill Kelly

Vice President of Human Resources, Delaware North Sportservice

Jeff Wilkinson

Chief Information Officer, Delaware North

Transition Functional Experts

Project Lead

Bob Thormeier

Vice President of Operations

Technology & Innovation

Chris Angne

Vice President Systems & Standards

Dan Marmion

Director, Field Systems and Applications

Culinary and Concept Development

Eric Borgia
Executive Chef and Director of Food and Beverage

Vito Buscemi
Vice President of Brands and Concepts

Financial Services

Bob Priore

Regional Controller

Human Resources

Andy Kriz

Executive Recruiter

Amy Tormey

Culinary Recruiter

Melissa Runfola

Senior Recruiter

Ned Stainsby

District Human Resources Manager


Mike Reinhart

Vice President, Supply Management Services

Tony Giardina

Manager, Beverage Programs

Eric Fraas

Senior Buyer, Delaware North

Facilities and Design Consultation

Mark Migliore

Director of Development and Construction

Paul Pokigo

Senior Architectural Service Manager

Joe Quagliana

Chief Estimator/Senior Project Manager

Labor Relations

Terry Ryan

Director, Labor Relations


Dionne Greene-Punnette

Assistant General Counsel, Delaware North Sportservice


Bradly Sax

Director, GuestPath®


Deb Friedel

Director of Sustainability

Vision and Values

Delaware North’s vision statement

To delight guests by creating the world’s best experience today while reimagining tomorrow.

This guides our approach to business and client relationships. We are grounded by the straightforward ambition to be the very best today while also leading the future of the industries in which we operate.

Like our approach to business, our values are active and dynamic: