Executive Summary

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Why Delaware North

With Delaware North as your partner, we will deliver an unparalleled game-day and culinary experience by implementing a cutting-edge technology solution that can adapt to the ever-changing fan experience. The Broncos will have a dedicated and transparent partner that makes informed decisions based on our deep understanding of the customer journey.

Technology Driven. Guest Focused.

Food is our world – it will always be the centerpiece of our business. As trailblazers of sports and entertainment hospitality, Delaware North set the bar for culinary and guest-service standards that have shaped an entire industry. But we also know the changing dynamics of live-event entertainment and the importance of creating a forward-thinking, technology-driven customer experience.

As your partner, Delaware North will deliver an innovative and flexible food and beverage program designed for today’s “mobile” guest – seamlessly blending hospitality and technology.

We listened carefully to what your team identified as priorities in the stadium – total interconnectivity with your fans and technology solutions that enhance the game-day experience. Therefore, our first priority is to implement a state-of-the-art mobile stadium app with the following capabilities:

  • Enables guests to order and pay for menu items on their mobile devices
  • Fully integrates into the Denver Broncos 365 mobile app
  • Gives your team unprecedented access to a vast amount of transactional data

As you will read in the Technology section of this proposal, we have partnered with First Data, an industry-leading technology company, to develop Universal Commerce – a mobile platform that will give your guests purchasing power at their fingertips.

Universal Commerce will not only drive commerce and customer engagement in our hospitality operations, it will produce robust fan data such as demographics, spending habits and preferred destinations. The Broncos can optimize this information to make educated decisions about your business – including guest-satisfaction initiatives, new revenue-generating opportunities and operational enhancements.


Service Style Transformation

It starts with the customer’s order. To provide an exceptional game-day experience, your guests should not be standing in long lines or maneuvering through a crowded concourse due to inefficient and outdated concession stands. Thus, we will transform the concession operations from traditional “belly-up” stands to customer-controlled service models that include self-order kiosks and intelligent terminals, self check-out tablets and food lockers – innovations that result in operational efficiency and a convenient, easy-to-use experience for fans.

We have deployed these service models in other professional sports venues and found immediate benefits, including a reduction of labor costs and improved wait time and speed of service. In short: It’s good for business, and the fans can quickly get their food and get back to the action.


Denver Experience

Though the venues we manage run the gamut in size and scope, one thing remains constant—our commitment to delivering extraordinary service. This dedication to providing the highest standard of hospitality has led to a longstanding partnership with Denver International Airport, and our recent investment in Estes Park—breathing new life into the Ridgeline Hotel, formerly the Rocky Mountain Park Inn. We have invested in the Rocky Mountain region with staffing expertise, operational excellence and capital improvements—and we’re eager to bring the knowledge we’ve developed to your operation.


Dedicated Partner

As your partner, we will be committed to aligning with your business goals, culinary ideals and customer service standards. And, we want to continually add value to the relationship. To accomplish these objectives, we will use a systematic approach that includes the use of data and analytics for informed decision-making, customer research initiatives and quality-assurance measurements. Maintaining ongoing communication is paramount for a successful partnership; therefore we want our general manager to have a seat at your table to interact and introduce business enhancements and discuss programmatic updates and changes.


Uniquely Qualified, Completely Prepared

From our technology-driven hospitality vision, innovative culinary program and our commitment to partnership, Delaware North is prepared to make Denver Broncos Stadium at Mile High a guest-first experience that is second to none. We will leverage our unparalleled culinary and hospitality expertise, along with game-changing partnerships, to ensure we exceed your goals of total interconnectivity and enhancing the fan experience. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to bringing our innovative ideas and concepts to life during an in-person presentation.